On Positive and Better Changes

Lately, I have been reading and following some articles online that inspired me to become a better version of myself — in all aspects of my life. I realized how important it is to notice my own self and actually do something worthwhile to “improve myself for myself.”

So you see, I am not really an expert on anything and I am not really good at giving advice or tips about everything. As a disclaimer, everything I am going to share to you is solely based on my own experiences.


While evaluating myself, I discovered that I have five important aspects in life to improve (in case we are on the same stand, I hope these help!):

Spiritual Life

I am very blessed to have grown up in a family where Jesus Christ has always been the center of everything. My parents have always demonstrated this love for God and His word and how important they are in everything that I do in life and that involves my choices and decisions. I am so grateful to be saved by Jesus Christ, my Lord and Personal Saviour, for saving a sinner like me from my sins, for giving up His life on the cross, and for giving me the promise of eternal life. My salvation is very important to me and as much as I can, I want to spread this gospel to others so they can experience God in their lives. I know in my little ways, giving the most available time I have in sharing the gospel is something big for God’s glory. I believe I must improve on this – winning souls. And aside from that, I need to be diligent in attending church activities, my bible reading and devotionals, as well as my prayer life. I firmly believe that I can do and achieve these because God has promised us that with Him, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Health and Lifestyle

For the record, I am not a health buff nor a fashionista nor a beauty conscious individual. I often reject the idea of being too conscious of how I look like and how other people see me on the outside because I personally believe that what always matters is what is in the inside. However, I changed that perspective because it is equally important to pay (at least) some attention to how you look outside as a reflection of what’s inside – unless you want to look like you haven’t taken care of yourself for the past 23 years.

I am not the typical “hey, she has a great body” type of person and I am definitely not a girl who makes guys turn their heads twice because I possess a beauty of an angel or a porcelain doll. I don’t like make up until I realized how I need to at least put something on my face so I won’t look like a zombie. Moreover, my body type (I don’t call it fat) is on the chubby side. I am fluffy – that’s how I always describe myself. It didn’t really matter to me if I am thin or chubby. But lately, I realized that I must now focus on my health especially in my food intake and the need to exercise. I am not getting any younger!


Being independent requires a lot of work and that includes good financial planning and decision-making. I believe I fail at this most of the time. There are moments I ran out of finances because of my expenses – both necessary and unnecessary. I know, I must control it and I will start right now. However, I still make sure that big portions of my income go to my tithes and offering and savings. Whatever’s left after that is mine – however I fail in controlling how I spend it. And I need to change that.

Emotions and Outlook in Life

We live in a world where emotions greatly affect how we view our lives. Reading back my old journals and personal diaries, I must say I was so overwhelmed with my feelings and most of them are really negative. I fail to see the good in everything whenever I see nothing good (yet) is coming my way. I had let my emotions control me. Realizing that emotions won’t help improve the situation, it is my outlook in life that could change it. If we are positive in our outlook and see that the future that lies behind the present circumstances we face is great and worth it, then we’ll never have a difficult time overcoming whatever it is that we are experiencing.

Achieving goals and desires

This is not really new to my book. I think I have planned my whole life already (with the guidance of God and my parents, of course). I have always set a clear path to where I am going and what goals and dreams I wanted to achieve. I believed that I am already journeying towards them… but I was wrong. I was only fulfilling what is only on the surface of what I really want. Deep down, I haven’t given attention on my desires. I have a lot on my list and I am hoping God give me the strength and guidance to work on them, should they be part of the things of His will in my life.


I don’t know if these are the only things I need to improve on. Maybe I haven’t figure out some important things yet and maybe this list will change overtime. I do hope I will see improvements on myself for the next few months and be ultimately happy for myself.

How about you? Have you thought over things you need to improve in your life? You might want to share. Feel free.

Carpe diem,