Midnight Thoughts 01

Lately, I have been trying to figure out whether what I am doing with my life is all worthwhile or has it been quite well enough for me to be happy.

I realized I am dwelling so much in my comfort zone (for too long). I have always reasoned my introversion out just to keep myself from the awkwardness of adjusting to a totally different kind of situation. As much as I try to set myself to change my ways, I seem to hold back. Something just holds me back. And I honestly don’t know what it is.

I knew then that I needed some time off… from all of these. I wanna try something else, something new. Maybe traveling alone could help or meeting new friends, new things to do, new environment… Just all things new. I have always known that I’ve been wanting these things but whenever I try to, I seem to have this enemy in me that draws me out of it. And this mere awareness wasn’t enough help.

So, well, I am trying to figure myself out. Just like how I prayed I would. I know God will eventually show me His ways.

Carpe diem, Jhen