F i n a l l y ?

Finally! The semester is over and I can finally have my weeknights and weekends free from all the hassles and burdensome graduate school requirements. Aaaaaand it’s time to “finally finally” devote my time for reading, writing, and… blogging!

I’ve got so much long overdue stories to share! From having a new job to events I got into, and some other things that kept me busy lately (which, I admit, includes being too engrossed in watching Korean dramas – yep).

I try not to promise but I am going to do my best to actually share my stories every week. And with reading, I am actually searching on the internet what book would be great to read. Something that’s not as draggy as the one I recently finished reading. Any suggestions, guys?

Looking forward to the following days… 🙂

And I am now on regular status in my new job. See how outdated you are, bloggy.

Carpe diem,