Summer 2017: Secdea Beach Resort, IGACOS

Last May 20-21, 2017, I got to unwind at one of the most well-known beach resorts in the Island Garden City of Samal – SECDEA! My brother, his girlfriend and I (the third wheel, lol) had been planning of a Samal getaway for months already. We chose to try Secdea and see for ourselves what the resort has to offer.


For those who haven’t gone to Secdea yet, I’d like to inform you that you cannot just walk in without any prior reservation. You need to secure reservation and deposit 50% down-payment to their bank account first. Otherwise, you won’t be entertained.

We were booked a week earlier for an overnight stay. As I can remember, we paid Php 5,890.00. How to get there? From Downtown Davao, we rode a taxi to Sasa Wharf and it costs around Php 200.00 or so. But if you plan to spend less, you may ride a jeepney (Sasa – JP Laurel / R. Castillo route) and it costs around Php 14.00 per person – the fare depends on the distance, by the way.


Upon arriving at Sasa Wharf, we rode a barge going to Samal. You only need to pay Php 10.00 per person for the fare. Cheap fare plus you get to see a good view of the ocean and the horizon. After riding the barge, we rode a tricycle going to Secdea which costs Php 375.00. You can also ride the habal-habal but we didn’t to avoid hassle (cause we brought big bags).

And voila… after 30 minutes, we finally reached our destination!


The resort’s Facebook page said that they have a welcoming committee – two dogs. I was actually more excited to see the dogs. To my disappointment, the guard on duty told us that the dogs were sick and were brought to a vet in Davao City. *insert sad face here*

Anyway… FYI, if you’re planning to stay overnight, their check-in time is at 2 PM and their check-out time is at 12nn. But the three of us were like excited kids, we were already at the resort around 10 am. Heeeeheeee. So what we did was roam around the place…

The first two pools: A kiddie pool (2-3 ft deep) and an adult pool (3-5 ft deep). There is another pool on the other side which was 4-6 ft deep.




I am not really good at poses so bear with me. Haha!

They also have a Mangrove Walk Area…



We also went up to an area where we can see this magnificent view:


It was already around 12:30 pm when we decided to take our lunch in their restaurant. Lunch and dinner are not included in the overnight package. However, for day tour, a good Php 750 per person includes a buffet lunch and free use of the resort’s amenities except the water sports. Also, if you plan to bring your own food, you will be charged with corkage fees.

And since I was the one assigned for the food, I really hoped the prices were worth it. Haha! Their food costs around Php 200 and above and I must say… it’s worth it. They serve good, mouth-watering food, and big servings, too!


2 PM and it’s check-in time! I loved our room! It was really big. It has a high ceiling, the walls were painted with minimalist art, and has a very wide space to move around. Their bathroom and comfort room were also big!

Our room is the Seashell Room # 1 which costs Php 5,890.00 and includes the following:

  • 1 queen size bed
  • 1 single bed
  • Bathroom
  • Comfort room
  • Powder room
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Cable TV
  • Refrigerator filled with drinks and snacks
  • Balcony (in front and at the back of the room)
  • 15 minutes Kayaking
  • Breakfast Buffet good for 3 pax
  • Free use of pool and beach area and other amenities (except water sports, ATV, etc.)



Worth it? For me, absolutely! At around 3pm, we went for a swim!!

It was so obvious I was the third wheel because they wore couple rash guards. Tssss. Haha!


We got tired swimming, so we decided to roam around the place again…

Mangrove Walk, again.
Standing on a helipad! FYI, the resort also caters helicopter rides for those who want to fly around the place. But you need to coordinate with the resort days before your stay.
We were so amazed of the big tortoises.

We also went night swimming, while we wait for our dinner to be served. The beach area was already closed at 7pm. However, their pools remain open until 10pm only.

Chillin’ at the poolside
Dinner is served! Food’s on me, again. Their Tuna Belly is sooooo good!
Chilling after dinner while listening to an oldies band. And we had ice cream while it was raining. We are weird, right?

And hello, good morning! Jhang woke up really early, roamed around again, and took these photos:


At around 7:30 AM, the first thing we did was EAT! Breakfast buffet is reaaaaaaal and yummy.


After eating breakfast, we prepared ourselves for the 15-minute kayak. Lo and behold, the beginning of sunburn as well…

The heat was so intense!!!!!!!!!!!
Their game faces are soooo on, why so serious guys?


We had a last round of swimming afterwards. I honestly don’t know how to swim but thanks to my brother and her girlfriend for patiently teaching me, I now know how to float. Hahahaha!

12nn and it’s time to go home! Awww, so long and see you again, Secdea. Thanks for the sunburn and the tan lines.


Here is an estimated breakdown of our expenses:


By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Just sharing with you our experience. For inquiries and reservations, you may visit their Facebook Page HERE.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

‘Til my next getaway!

Carpe diem,