Sunday Currently 01

Summer has ended and I am hit with the reality that I won’t be having the time of my life going to the beach or any getaway soon because it’s June – which means another semester in graduate school is approaching and I’ll be busy again with additional school work (this is my last semester so I am crossing my fingers to get it done and over with!)

Right now, let’s forget about past and future things for a while and see what I am currently being busy with. Thus, my first Sunday Currently entry in this blog. I have been doing these Sunday Currently entries in my former blog. And while I keep myself committed to this one, I will try my (very) best to consistently do it.

To give you an idea on what “Sunday Currently” is about, well, I actually discovered this from Maine Mendoza’s blog (yep, I am a fan, so to the haters, shooooo away!) and found out that it is a trend set by Siddathornton. Link-up your entries here: Join The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathornton!

So, let’s start!

Untitled copy
reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. What made me read this book was actually the cover page. I once went to a bookstore in a nearby mall and I was so attracted with the cover because of the dogs! But I got no extra money to buy it at that time, so I decided to download an e-book. To see how the cover looks like and read reviews about the book, visit Goodreads.

writing an entry for “What’s Inside My Bag?” post. It will be up soon!

listening to Hush by Lasse Lindh! Gaaaah, I am so in love with Goblin (Korean drama series) and its full soundtrack (although I can’t understand most of the lyrics, haha). A friend introduced this Korean drama on my birthday last December 2016 and I got hooked to it. I feel all giddy everytime Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wok shows up. They are so funny together.
Okay, enough. Heee heee.
thinking about cleaning the whole apartment after I’m done posting this entry. The whole fam’s gonna be here tomorrow and I need to prepare the place for them.
hoping every stress I’ve been having at work will all be gone this week.
wearing a yellow polo shirt and a black skirt.
loving Fight For My Way (an ongoing Korean drama series)! Yes, kinain na nga ako ng sistema ng Kdrama. Haha! I was interested in watching the series because of Kim Ji-won (the second female lead in Descendants of the Sun). I loved her in DOTS and I am loving her more in this new series. She is so pretty at any angle and very funny! Plus, the story is good so far. I love the chemistry between Kim Ji-Won and Park Seo-Joon (in the story, they are just guy and girl best friends and not lovers… well, not yet.)
needing to unwind far from this plaaaaaaaace! Pleeaaaase.
feeling stressed but still blessed.

‘Til my next SC entry!

Carpe diem,