Some Kind of Miracle – A Novel by Iris Rainer Dart (Book Review)

This is probably the very first book I’ve finished reading from beginning to end. I admit I was not an avid reader of thick books, including novels, before this actually happened. So it’s safe to say that this book helped unlock the book lover in me. If my memory is clear, this was the book I purchased at a Book Sale Shop in General Santos, PH circa 2006. I was not into the romantic genre so this book’s cover (I first believe were sisters) caught my attention.

I read the blurb at the back and got interested as it was about two girl cousins who consider themselves as best friends and both share a mutual love for music. Being a music lover that I am, I got more curious of their story.

For my review, I’m gonna give it 5 stars. I was too engrossed in the story. It was about family, friendship, love and second chances. It was captivating and I felt an involvement in the characters’ lives. Add up to it learning how to make the right choice in a dilemma: self-interest or others’ interest. Moreover, it was too engaging because I always wanted to know how it will end. If you are looking for a novel that is not too “cheesy” and can be realistic, this a great book to read. Be emotionally ready as it will stir your feelings.


As mentioned earlier, this book is about two girl cousins, Dahlia and Sunny, who grew up as best friends and are music lovers. Dahlia’s forte was writing deep and profound lyrics while Sunny’s were the tune and melody. And when these two collaborate, voila! Something so magical happens – a great song composition. Since they were kids, they both promised to pursue their dreams of making it big in the music industry and will stick together no matter what. However, Sunny has schizophrenia (a serious disorder which affects how a person thinks, feels and acts). Over time, they grew up, separated, and have not seen each other for a long time. Who knew when they would see and meet each other again?

Dahlia has not let go of her dreams and continued writing songs to make it big in the music industry but she failed most of the time. The comments were always, “Great lyrics, weak melody.” Out of frustration, she submitted a composition she and Sunny wrote when they were young and the said song caught the attention of a big-time producer. Dahlia was contacted by the said producer and was asked if she wrote the song alone. She replied with a no, telling the producer that she wrote it with her cousin when they were young. The producer asked her to have Sunny agree on having Dahlia secure rights to the song that will eventually bring her to success. Otherwise, she gets nothing.

Dahlia started searching for Sunny. She ends up finding her in a mental institution that takes care of patients who has the same condition as Sunny’s. She approached her – only to end up with anger as Sunny refused to sign the contract to transfer the song’s rights to Dahlia. Moreover, Dahlia has gone beyond her selfishness and greed leading to desperate moves – including bringing Sunny out of the institution and have her stay at her home.

Despite that, while Dahlia is on her mission to get the song, she discovers something she has not expected to happen to herself. Having her cousin and best friend by her side, after being apart for 25 years, has made her realize that there is more to life than fortune and fame. She has discovered that even after a quarter of a century, she was given a second chance to rekindle what was lost between her and Sunny. She has learned overtime that somebody else’s needs (particularly Sunny’s) is more important than hers.

And there goes… In spite of the darkness that dwells within us and the most cruel being we become in the midst of our difficulties, there is always some kind of miracle that will work and bring back the light we haven’t realized we have always yearned for.

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