Day 01: My Blog Name | 30-Day Blog Challenge

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I know it’s the 26th of April and I am just starting the challenge for April when it’s almost month-end. Well, they say, it’s better late than never, right? I finally have the time to take a break since a lot is going on due to the current world’s crisis (Covid-19).

I started blogging circa 2007 (Tumblr days) and I have considered it as a place for me to let my feelings out – an online diary. I have tried several platforms – WordPress, Blogger (Blogspot), Tumblr, among others. I find it difficult to maintain a blog especially when I have too much going on at school and work. However, one of the silver lining of the current crisis for me is that I have realized that this is something I have always loved and that I made so much excuses of not pursuing this passion. I knew I have so much time to do this if I just didn’t let my laziness and procrastination get in the way.

So, I thank my friend, Little Misadvencha, for inspiring me to be back at it again.

For Day 01 of Little Misadvencha’s 30-day blog challenge, let’s get into the bits of this blog and why is it named the way it is named.


Journey with Jhen – It simply states an invitation for you to join me in this journey. This blog will give you a peek at my journey in life as I discover more of myself, places I’ve been to, people around me, food (of course!), things I’ve explored and discovered, and all other random things I have encountered in life. 

A Daily Dose of My Life’s Open Book – Everyday I will (try my best) to annoy you with my stories and share my thoughts and feelings about anything under the sun. That way, you will get to know me better as I am opening my self like a book. – The regular nickname + surname. I chose a site that is not too fancy and easily remembered by those people close to me as I intend to share the content primarily to my family, friends, and colleagues – basically the people I interact with most of the time. My real name is Jennifer but I always have preferred to be called Jhen.

Overall, this is a personal blog. My online diary and I am opening it for you to freely read.

Carpe diem,

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