Day 03: 20 Facts About Me | 30-Day Blog Challenge


Hmmm… Twenty facts about me? This kind of question is always difficult to answer on the spot as everything I know about me suddenly turns into a blank page. I am an HR practitioner and my job includes interviewing job applicants. I usually ask them, “Tell me something about yourself that is not written here in your resume… something that’s interesting about you that you would like me to know.” And now that I am asked of the same question, I now understand why sometimes my interviewees take a lot of time to think about what they want to share. Oops!

The past few days, I have been thinking about what I will share and I still have not come up with a good list so I am randomly typing in right now any fact about me that I could think of.

  1. Japanese food. I have been craving for Japanese food since this morning. I love this cuisine especially Ramen, Sushi (California Maki is my favorite), Katsudon, Gyoza, Ebi Tempura, Chicken/Pork Karaage, name it! Before, the sight of these food made me cringe, but when my boyfriend introduced me to and  made me try this cuisine, I loved it since then.


  1. I love chocolates, dark ones. A Kitkat dark chocolate is always a go-to purchase whenever I am craving for it. I also love ice cream. Any flavor will do as long as it’s ice creeeeeeaaaaam.
  1. I suffer from severe menstrual cramps every month and my only remedy (aside from hot compress and pain reliever – only when it is too painful) and comfort are dark chocolates and gummy bears.


  1. I love splurging on skin care and hair care (CGM) products. Whenever I have the money to splurge, I always go to Watson’s and purchase skin care products. Not that I have clear and beautiful skin, I just like how it feels to have a skin that is well taken care of. Also, I purchase a lot of hair care products because I have naturally stubborn curly hair. I just discovered the Curly Girl Method and I am trying my best to consistently follow it. Girls who are strictly following it makes me envious of how good their curls are. — This item gave me an idea to share my skin care and hair care routine, soon!


  1. This is a secret I have been keeping ever since. My childhood nickname is “Epew”. I entirely blame my elder brother for giving me this nickname because when he was around 1 or 2 years old, he cannot pronounce my real name (Jennifer) right and said “Epew” instead. Haha. I only started revealing this after I graduated college – when I was mature enough to face this truth. But only those who are close to me can call me this nickname. Just because. If you call me Epew, I could hate you all I want. Hahaha!
  1. The one item I always bring with me when I go out (aside from money and phone) is an umbrella. It is a habit since grade school. I guess this is because my mom let me get used to it. (I got it from my momma!) She always tells me you will never know when the sun strikes hot or when the rain pours.


  1. I love collecting notebooks and colored pens. I believe they are my prized collection.
  1. The first job I wanted as a kid was to become a dentist. It was because my parents always bring us to the dentist and I admire the dentist so much, I wanted to be like her. What made me like her were the treats she gave after being so behave during check-ups.
  1. There is always a story your barkada speaks of you. Mine in particular is when I once fell off a tricycle. We were on our way to my best friend’s house after we were done with our research from the City Library. I was seated at the back of the tricycle, eating Nova (snack food) while having a conversation with my friend when suddenly, the driver drove past a broken part of the road (with a puddle of water) which made all of us lose control and I went straight to and literally lied down the puddle of water. I was stunned for a few seconds and cried so hard; I did not know what to do. I did not cry because I was hurt but because I knew my mom would scold me. Years after that incident, my friends always tease me for falling down a sikad. Hahahaha no hard feelings though. For me, it is always actually a funny thing to recall.
  1. I do not know how to swim. Again, I lied to a lot of friends before that I knew how to swim. Sorry! But honestly, I love going to the beach, snorkel, island hopping, among others – as long as there is a life vest and someone near me willing to assist and pull me anytime, I am okay.


  1. My favorite color is blue – all shades.

  1. Again, I have natural curly hair. I just learned to love it after I graduated college when my mom said she will not finance my hair rebonding expenses anymore. I will share my curly hair story in another post soon!


  1. I used to love playing online games. It was merely because of my brothers’ influence on me. Years ago, when smartphones did not exist yet, we only had one personal computer at home. My brothers are so good in computers that whatever they do, I also do. Hence, my inclination to playing online games such as Pangya, Audition, O2Jam, and Grand Chase. I  stopped playing online games when I needed to be away from home for college.


  1. I do not mean to brag but I will anyway (haha) simply because I was soooo proud of myself during these times – High School. I always wonder how I was able to handle my time efficiently back then. Few days ago, memories on Facebook popped a video of me with my co-folk dancers joining an inter-school competition (Marist Meet). I find it funny how I joined a lot of extra-curricular activities – Community Extension Programs (Movers, Inc., Member), School Paper (Marist Triad as Associate Editor), Drum and Lyre Corps (Majorette, hahaha how), Folk Dance (from 1st to 4th Year), Choir Member (Soprano – for Marist Choir Competition), Intel Science Fair participant for our Junior Thesis. There were a lot of practices after classes and I still managed to graduate as an honor student under the Science Curriculum class and a Perfect Attendance awardee (no tardiness and absences for the entire high school). How was I able to do all of those?


  1. And college was tough. I have always set my mind in high school that I will be taking up BS Nursing because of obvious reasons – both my brothers are nurses. But I was discouraged by all their sleepless nights, thick books, and the realization that I do not want to be in the medical field. I wanted to take up something that I really wanted but I did not know what I wanted that time. I just took all entrance exams available and that included UPCAT. My mom chose the 1st choice of school and courses and she allowed me to choose the 2nd choice of school. That time, I chose UP Mindanao – AB English (Creative Writing) – something I really wanted to pursue. And results came out and I passed! I wanted to take up the said course but my mom discouraged me as I might have difficulty to get a job after I graduate. So instead, I enrolled BS Accountancy in Ateneo de Davao. I loved the first year but little by little, I realized I am not in love with my course and I found  out that I am into studying human behavior (Psychology). So, I decided to shift to a course that is connected to business and at the same time, has inclination to my interest — which could also help me graduate on time. And that is Human Resource Management. I have no regrets since then. Now, I am an active HR practitioner for 7 years already and I love this profession no matter how hard it gets.
  1. I am a self-confessed introvert. Ever since I was a kid, I do not like being around a lot of people. I am a home buddy. I am so shy, I do not like being the center of attention. I can keep up with not talking to people around me. I can sit for hours without talking to anybody just as long as no one will give attention to me. I only developed how to interact with other people because of my profession. Thus, I know my colleagues would probably not agree with me that I am an introvert. My job calls for it. But after work, I always find time to recharge because big and varied social interactions most of the time drain me.


  1. To challenge my introvert self, I always wanted to teach. Whenever there is a need to, I always like sharing my innermost thoughts, knowledge, and ideas to other people. One example is when there are interns in our office, I always find time that I can teach them with something worth learning. My OJTs know this for a fact.
  1. Abbey Sy. I admire her so much – at a young age, she accomplished a lot already (making her passion her means of living). I wanted to be as good as her in calligraphy and journaling. I already got some good notebooks and pens to use but I am not artistic like her. But I am learning. Check out her website, Instagram feed and her Youtube channel and you will know what I mean.


  1. I love watching Korean drama series and any series that involve solving crime (fiction or documentary). I currently watch The World of Married Couple and my all-time favorite is How To Get Away With Murder.


  1. Finally, I am a simple person that sees simple and genuine happiness even in the littlest things. I always like to maintain peace around me and as much as possible, I avoid conflicts. Maybe that is why I always get a NINE (The Peacemaker) in an Enneagram Personality Test which I take every 3 years to see if something in me has changed.

I guess these are just some things I can share to you today. You will probably get to know me better as you get along with my blogging journey.

Carpe diem,

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