Day 04: My Dream Job | 30-Day Blog Challenge


If you have read my Day 03 entry yesterday, I once dreamed of being a dentist but it all changed growing up. My career as an HR Practitioner is already fulfilling and a dream come true for me but there is always a passion inside me that is waiting to ignite some fire – to teach.

I am never used to speaking in public but whenever I am given the opportunity to do some lectures at work (trainings, seminars, orientations), I would most likely volunteer – as long as I have studied and know what I am teaching by heart. This is the primary reason why I took up a Master’s Degree – to teach future HR professionals in shaping organizations’ most valuable assets – human resources.

They say teaching is a very demanding yet fulfilling job. It can be emotionally draining at times dealing with diverse individuals, making dynamic ways to make teaching a fun learning experience to learners, and the struggle to keep up with the changing trends. As you know, anything under the sun can become obsolete.

Despite the struggles, I still find the beauty of teaching – in sharing knowledge, ideas, and thoughts to others. Why? Because of the following reasons:

Teaching can transform lives. Students do not only learn academically but also through you, they can also learn emotionally – to handle responsibilities, to grow up exploring new things, and to discover their potentials which may contribute to society.

Teaching can unleash undiscovered skills and talents. Teachers are often expected to give various methods of teaching. Gone are the days that students focus on the ordinary lecture sessions. They are more engaged when they are entertained. Thus, teaching makes you bring out your creative juices that you did not know you have.

Continuous learning. Learning does not stop when you teach. Our constantly changing world drives us to keep up with it. Thus, doing research, seeking opportunities to grow and learn, and to develop professionally make teaching more fruitful for yourself and for students.

It is a profession that goes beyond income. Teaching is a vocation, a calling. The long hours and doing responsibilities beyond work hours is nothing when you are driven and motivated to transform lives. It is always humbling and fulfilling once you see your students become successful and accomplished and thanking you for becoming an instrument for it.

The students. They always fuel your passion to teach. Some may be stubborn, some may fail, and some may excel. But once you know they have learned something from you, you know you have done a good job – which makes you want to teach more.

These are just few reasons why I always wanted to teach. I am already given the opportunity at work to develop learners. But I still want to immerse myself in a school setting. It is still a goal I am aiming for.

I always salute teachers as they are instruments and agents for change – for a better world. Each successful individual would never find his or her way to success without someone who taught them how to conquer the world. This is why I believe teaching will always be one of the best jobs in the world.

Carpe diem,