Midnight Thoughts 04: Silver Lining

Disclaimer: I m pretty sleepy already but I wanted to post something. Forgive me if there are grammar errrors. Might correct them tomorrow morning.

Another day ended and a new day unfolds. The past few days had been an emotional roller coaster ride and it drained me mentally. Work, for me, is no longer fun since Covid-19 happened. I missed being busy at this time of the year when I was supposed to be preparing for our company summer outing and team building. Instead, they were replaced by chaos and toxicity, I (almost) cannot take it anymore.

For me to get rid of the negativity, I choose to look forward to when all of this will end. I look forward to long drives with my friends, to birthday parties we have to celebrate, to company events we need to participate in, and to go home to my family at our hometown.

Also, what keeps me sane is to remain thankful for what I have right now as most people are now lacking resources and are being deprived of means to survive. Plus, I am still able to get by through the help of some people who are still appreciative in the midst of this pandemic.

Hmmm. There are so many things we really really really miss to do. All of this however, is temporary. I kept praying to God that He continuously help all of us to end this war.

I am praying for everyone’s health and safety wherever you are. You are included in my prayers.


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