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And here goes myself after MIA for months. So, how was I? In all honesty, life has constantly thrown lots of lemons at me and the sourness, most of the time, are difficult to handle. However, I still make myself believe that these lemons will turn into sweet lemonades one of these days. Maybe not now but in the near future.

To welcome myself (for the infinite time) again, I am sharing a Sunday Currently entry again after 4 years. Hahahahaha. Why did I choose this entry? Simply because I don’t have anything interesting in mind to share to you yet. Aaand obviously, because today is Sunday and I am bored.

Now, let’s get this over with. 🙂

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reading Occupational Safety and Health Standards Handbook aka DOLE’s Yellow Book for OSH. That sounded boring, right? I will be in a 5-day BOSH Training starting tomorrow and I have heard that there will be a pre-test on the first day. I don’t want to get a really low score so might as well browse some of its content.

writing an entry for this post. I am thinking to finish the 30-day Blog Challenge that is already long overdue!

listening to Goin’ Crazy by Natalie. Cute ol’ song which I love since high school.

thinking about how I will divide myself (lol). I have to orient 5 new hires tomorrow while I need to be 100% present in our virtual BOSH Training.

hoping every stress I’ve been having at work will all be gone this week.

wearing an oversized shirt and shorts — ready to sleep.

loving the thought of moving in to my new home later this year. God-willing.

needing to clear myself off from all negativity

feeling stressed but still blessed.

I’m all done here! I hope I will continue to write and share more often again. I will try to share at least once a week. Hahahaha!

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Carpe diem,

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  1. I have made my account on facebook as not deleted but I closed it for 3 years. I did this because Facebook really does mess with your mind. The other day I went on it and saw all the notifications for COVID. It is not healthy.

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