The Open Book


Jennifer Camacho

The usual introduction: I am Jennifer Camacho, twenty-three years old, from General Santos City, PH but currently based in Davao City, PH.

I have always preferred to be called “JHEN” and it must always be that way. I always flinch whenever somebody calls me Jennifer. I have nothing against my real name, of course. It’s just that it has always given me a weird feeling by simply hearing it.

I am currently employed at a Building/Construction company as a Human Resource Specialist and I am also a Master of Business Administration Major in Human Resource and Organizational Development student at a university in Davao. Yep, I am kind of a busy person because I have a lot going on every day especially with my work and studies – basically the reason why I almost fail at maintaining a blog. But hello there, I am all renewed and revived and as much as possible, if circumstances and time allow, I will devote my time in sharing any random stuff I could.

On the other side of my coin, I have always aspired to become a writer. It didn’t really matter to me if only a few (or sometimes none) or many people read what I write as long as I have used it as a medium for juicing out my thoughts and ideas. However, thanks to the internet for giving an avenue for aspiring writers like me to actually share what is going on in my head (and in my heart, perhaps).

Partnered with my love for writing is my love for reading books. I usually give time for reading – fiction or non-fiction. I guess I always have this hunger to learn new things and discover whatever it is that I have yet to know and it is an instrument of escape from reality – we sometimes need that, right?

I am also a crazy music lover. Whenever I hear a song, or an instrument playing in the background, or simply a hum, it almost always gives me a soothing feeling. I am in love with the piano and the violin – I think there wasn’t a day I haven’t watched or listened to a song on Youtube that has no piano and violin in it. And oh, what a great blessing it is that God has given me a voice I can share. Not bragging (because I am not a “great” and legit singer) but I can sing songs right in tune. *winks*

In this blog, you will witness the weirdness of my crazy, introvert self. Spare me if I might sometimes get overwhelmed with the stuff I share as I am still constantly exploring the wonders outside the world I am caged in. I am a work in progress (like most of you are) and I am still at a far distance from what is meant for me but I’ll get there someday.

Thank you for dropping by my online journal. Hope to journey with you, soon!

Carpe diem,