The Open Book

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Jennifer Camacho

The usual introduction: I am Jennifer Camacho, twenty-seven years old, from General Santos City, PH and currently based in Davao City, PH. I have always preferred being called “JHEN

I am a Human Resources Practitioner with an overall 6 years of experience in a Building & Construction industry (3 years & 1 month) and in a Food Manufacturing industry (from October 2016 to present).  I have a lot going on every day especially with my work and studies – basically the reason why I almost fail at maintaining a blog. I am hoping this time *fingers crossed* I would be able to maintain it.

On the other side of my coin, I have always loved writing. Thanks to the internet for giving an avenue for people like me to actually share what is going on in our heads (and hearts, perhaps).

Partnered with my love for writing is my love for reading books. I usually give time for reading – fiction or non-fiction. I have a yearning to learn new things and discover whatever it is that I have yet to know and it is, for me, an instrument of escape from reality – we sometimes need that, right?

I also love music. Whenever I hear a song, or an instrument playing in the background, or simply a hum, it almost always gives me a relaxing feeling. And, it is indeed a blessing  that God has graced me with a good voice. Not bragging (because I am not a “great” and legit singer) but I can sing songs right in tune. *winks*

In this blog, you will witness the weirdness of my introvert self. Spare me if I might sometimes get overwhelmed with the stuff I share as I am still constantly exploring the wonders outside the world I am caged in. I am a work in progress (like most of you are) and I am still at a far distance from what is meant for me but I’ll get there someday.

Thank you for dropping by my online journal. Hope to journey with you, soon!

Carpe diem,