I’ve been through a lot of stress lately, especially at work. I got to the point where I cried out my frustrations and allowed madness to take over me. However, letting in the negativity did not help. I kept ranting to a colleague, I kept making excuses to not take full responsibility of problems at hand. I wanted to escape.

Whenever I am faced with a trial, it is normal for me to shut the rest of the world off. It doesn’t always mean when I am not talking or not smiling at you, I am taking life too seriously. I need people to understand that it is my way to recharge, to take time to think and process whether all that I did and will do were and are the right things to do.

This past two weeks were probably the most difficult I’ve been involved with in terms of my job. I thought I’ve encountered the most awful ones in my previous employer but this one’s probably is the worst situation I’ve been in. Not to disclose any information on it though, but honestly, I felt so trapped – I did not know what to do. I had no one who can fully understand to share it with. Well, I actually do, but they are not physically present to empathize with me. What I did was I kept everything to myself, bravely thinking, “I can get through this.” until I realized that, “No, I can’t. I need help.. right now.”

After Idling

Heyaaa! I am sooo so back. I just realized that my last post was already 2 months ago. My schedule was so full, I haven’t had any time to actually sit down and open my laptop and update. So what was up after September?

In case you know me personally, you know I have left my first job and I got a new one! My transition started last October 3rd (which basically explains why I was busy).

I admit it was kinda difficult to leave my previous company at a time when my team was challenged. Honestly, I have thought of whether I should stay or leave months prior to my resignation. I have been praying for God to answer me in the right time. Until a good opportunity knocked on my door and yep, you thought it right, I let it in.

Goodbyes are difficult but I haven’t let the goodbyes hold me back from getting into something new – something that could help me mold my fullest potentials and put them into great use. I believe my three years of stay in my previous company was already enough for me to finally explore a world apart from it. I am grateful though. If it hadn’t been for my previous job and for my colleagues, I wouldn’t be the type of career person I amΒ right now.

Currently, I am happy with where I am connected. Although it is a challenge for me to handle a position that performs general HR tasks, I have accepted it lightly because I know I’ll learn so muchΒ from it. And I am so thankful I have really good and accommodating colleagues that made it easy for me to adjust to the new environment.

This new phase of my life has made me let go of the stresses I once felt and this is the kind of job I have always wanted where every ounce of sweat and hard workΒ is all worth it — and I hope to sustain it for the longest time. Aaaaand what is greate is that I’ve no need to worry about my school on weekends.. and I get to travel a lot! Yay!

I am continuously praying to God to always give me strength in my new career, to always make me productive, and never give up.This is a really wonderful blessing for me and I will forever be grateful.

Carpe diem,