Summer 2017: Secdea Beach Resort, IGACOS

Last May 20-21, 2017, I got to unwind at one of the most well-known beach resorts in the Island Garden City of Samal – SECDEA! My brother, her girlfriend and I (the third wheel, lol) had been planning of a Samal getaway for months already. We chose to try Secdea and see for ourselves what the resort has to offer.


For those who haven’t gone to Secdea yet, I’d like to inform you that you cannot just walk in without any prior reservation. You need to secure reservation and deposit 50% down-payment to their bank account first. Otherwise, you won’t be entertained.

We were booked a week earlier for an overnight stay. As I can remember, we paid Php 5,890.00. How to get there? From Downtown Davao, we rode a taxi to Sasa Wharf and it costs around Php 200.00 or so. But if you plan to spend less, you may ride a jeepney (Sasa – JP Laurel / R. Castillo route) and it costs around Php 14.00 per person – the fare depends on the distance, by the way.


Upon arriving at Sasa Wharf, we rode a barge going to Samal. You only need to pay Php 10.00 per person for the fare. Cheap fare plus you get to see a good view of the ocean and the horizon. After riding the barge, we rode a tricycle going to Secdea which costs Php 375.00. You can also ride the habal-habal but we didn’t to avoid hassle (cause we brought big bags).

And voila… after 30 minutes, we finally reached our destination!


The resort’s Facebook page said that they have a welcoming committee – two dogs. I was actually more excited to see the dogs. To my disappointment, the guard on duty told us that the dogs were sick and were brought to a vet in Davao City. *insert sad face here*

Anyway… FYI, if you’re planning to stay overnight, their check-in time is at 2 PM and their check-out time is at 12nn. But the three of us were like excited kids, we were already at the resort around 10 am. Heeeeheeee. So what we did was roam around the place…

The first two pools: A kiddie pool (2-3 ft deep) and an adult pool (3-5 ft deep). There is another pool on the other side which was 4-6 ft deep.



Work Travel and Some Fun

Part of being a newbie in a company is undergoing a lot of training. I am no exception to that. For the past 2 months, I have been going back and forth to Manila for my training in our head office. I flown twice in October and once in November.

October 4 to 7, 2016. I did not know what to expect – and accurately, my Day 1 turned out totally unexpected. My flight was around 10am and ETA is around 12 noon. Here’s the catch, due to air traffic, the aircraft I am in kept flying high above the sky for an hour and the pilot decided to divert aircraft landing at Clark International Airport which is like 3-4 hours (or more because of traffic) travel to Manila. People inside the aircraft were mad and gratefully after a few minutes, the pilot announced that we will go back to NAIA and land there. I arrived to our head office at around 5:30 pm already.

I finally met my colleagues in the HR Team and also, I was able to meet our business unit’s General Manager. They are really welcoming. It was timekeeping period and it was expected that the HR team were really busy – and they had to render extended hours at work. Even though I was really tired, I stayed with them so I can get used as to how they do things around.

So here are my new teammates!


Day 2, another overtime work. Day 3, we had a training for a new portal to use at work. I was a bit groggy that day because we went home at 4am the dawn before. I only had 2 hours of sleep. Nice? My flight back to Davao is at 6pm because I need to go to class the day after. Technically, I didn’t have enough sleep. And my pimples started to show up. Gaaah!