How to Heal from a Broken Heart


A friend of mine is in a serious heartbreak situation right now. Few nights ago, we had an [unplanned] dinner together and that’s where everything flowed. All the pain she felt is part of the process but at the end of the day, we need to realize that no matter how painful and how crushed our heart is, we must always learn to go back to the One who never ceased to love and be with us in all our joys and sorrows… and that is our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I, myself, have my own share of heartbreaks. Heartbreaks from a first love, from an almost lover, from somebody who walked away, or a loss of a loved one. However, these heartbreaks, no matter how painful they got, have something in store for us – a lesson, a learning experience.

The Definitive Introvert Type Test

Part of my usual FB feed scrolling is randomly taking online quizzes. Just now, a friend shared one named “The Definitive 25 Question Introvert Type Test”. Out of curiosity, I took the test.

In this test, you are given situational statements and if you are in that situation, you have to rate yourself from 1 (Not At All) to 4 (Very Much). The link says you may get any of the following results:


I gave away the answers that first popped in my mind. And I got, “The Protector” Introvert Type.

So, what is “The Protector” Introvert Type?

“This introvert type is quite unique, as many of your personality qualities defy the definition of your individual traits. Though you’re deeply emotional, you have excellent analytical abilities; though introverted, you have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though you are somewhat conservative, you are often receptive to change and new ideas. You are a true altruist, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people you believe in with enthusiasm and generosity! You can literally save the world!”

I don’t know if I totally agree to that – well, maybe I agreed at around 90% of it.

Are you an introvert? Try taking the quiz HERE. Let me know if we got the same type or which type you got.

Carpe diem,

F i n a l l y ?

Finally! The semester is over and I can finally have my weeknights and weekends free from all the hassles and burdensome graduate school requirements. Aaaaaand it’s time to “finally finally” devote my time for reading, writing, and… blogging!

I’ve got so much long overdue stories to share! From having a new job to events I got into, and some other things that kept me busy lately (which, I admit, includes being too engrossed in watching Korean dramas – yep).

I try not to promise but I am going to do my best to actually share my stories every week. And with reading, I am actually searching on the internet what book would be great to read. Something that’s not as draggy as the one I recently finished reading. Any suggestions, guys?

Looking forward to the following days… 🙂

And I am now on regular status in my new job. See how outdated you are, bloggy.

Carpe diem,