After Idling

Heyaaa! I am sooo so back. I just realized that my last post was already 2 months ago. My schedule was so full, I haven’t had any time to actually sit down and open my laptop and update. So what was up after September?

In case you know me personally, you know I have left my first job and I got a new one! My transition started last October 3rd (which basically explains why I was busy).

I admit it was kinda difficult to leave my previous company at a time when my team was challenged. Honestly, I have thought of whether I should stay or leave months prior to my resignation. I have been praying for God to answer me in the right time. Until a good opportunity knocked on my door and yep, you thought it right, I let it in.

Goodbyes are difficult but I haven’t let the goodbyes hold me back from getting into something new – something that could help me mold my fullest potentials and put them into great use. I believe my three years of stay in my previous company was already enough for me to finally explore a world apart from it. I am grateful though. If it hadn’t been for my previous job and for my colleagues, I wouldn’t be the type of career person I am right now.

Currently, I am happy with where I am connected. Although it is a challenge for me to handle a position that performs general HR tasks, I have accepted it lightly because I know I’ll learn so much from it. And I am so thankful I have really good and accommodating colleagues that made it easy for me to adjust to the new environment.

This new phase of my life has made me let go of the stresses I once felt and this is the kind of job I have always wanted where every ounce of sweat and hard work is all worth it — and I hope to sustain it for the longest time. Aaaaand what is greate is that I’ve no need to worry about my school on weekends.. and I get to travel a lot! Yay!

I am continuously praying to God to always give me strength in my new career, to always make me productive, and never give up.This is a really wonderful blessing for me and I will forever be grateful.

Carpe diem,

Midnight Thoughts 02

I always thought that goodbyes are sad, tough, and really hard to do. I have encountered some goodbyes in the past and none of them seemed to be so exciting and fulfilling. But, in this phase in my life, I have never felt so excited to exit from something I have been longing to leave. Not that I am not grateful for being a part of it but having had the courage for letting go of something worthwhile to achieve better horizons and experience new opportunities… is the most satisfying kind of goodbye.

Goodbye to the old stresses.

Having A Guy Best Friend

Reblogging this post from my Tumblr.

I am one of those people who have best friends of the opposite gender. I am a girl and my best friend is a guy. It is rare to find individuals who share such kind of friendship. In my case, I am fortunate enough to have found a best friend that happens to be a guy.

Most girls hang out with their other girl friends who can relate to them and have the same interests as them. Of course, I also have my own share of girl friends and I am in a tight relationship with them. But, there is something with my guy best friend that makes him unique and sets him apart from all of my other friends.


Having a guy best friend have its own advantages and disadvantages. Let me give you some of those (I am only going to provide five for each since there are a whole lot. This entry would get too long!)

First off, the disadvantages (let’s start with this so that by the end of this post, you’ll get why it’s cool having a guy best friend).

  1. They are too honest. Why is this a disadvantage? Let me defend that. We know that most guys are known to be more straightforward rather than cautious especially when it comes to expressing their opinions. Most often than not, they forget to be sensitive. There are instances when you would hear comments from him that, I swear, you would never have expected to hear. For example, you want him to appreciate your looks but he instantly tells you that you actually don’t look good. Haha! But hey, that kind of feedback helps if you take it in a good way.
  2. They find it hard to understand the “girl” thing. By “girl” thing, I meant those stuff that girls do that guys do not. They won’t understand why we take so long taking a bath, why we find it hard to choose the right clothes to wear for the day, why we wear make-up, the mood swings we often have and the like. And oh, how could I ever forget the times when our monthly visitors come! The cramps and all – they will never understand.
  3. People’s impression and judgments on your relationship. Other people who absolutely have no idea what kind of relationship you both share would think that you’re a couple. Even those who know about your friendship would think that you’ll end up together in the future. This is a disadvantage because people misjudge you. It will make the friendship awkward (well, not really). People will always look at you and keep track on what’s going on between the two of you even though there aren’t (really) anything at all. I find this one funny, though. I would explain further on number 5.
  4. Other guys will forget about pursuing you because somebody’s on guard.THIS. When other guys become interested in you, they hesitate to get near you finding out that you have a guy best friend. Guys know stuff about other guys (I think?). The best friend will always be vigilant of the other guy, making the latter intimidated and hesitant to get you.
  5. You can never risk your friendship to turn into something beyond “friendship”. The friendship that both of you share is special, something that’s very rare. You won’t ever want to break each other’s hearts nor give each other pain. Moreover, as I have mentioned in number 3, I find it funny because getting into more than just friendship will be very difficult. Know why? Because you know each other too well, you know each other’s secrets (even the darkest ones). Being too comfortable as friends would bring both of you to a very uncomfortable situation later on. Well, I am not speaking in general because there are couples who started out as best friends then turned into lovers that have magical relationships (fairy tale-ish, that is). In my case though, I don’t have the time thinking of that with my best friend. I bet he doesn’t have time for that too. I think it is overly awkward.

Peace of Mind

Today, I have finally decided on something important. I have been praying about something for the past few months already and I believe, God has been so good. Most of the time, our prayers don’t really get the answers straight right through. Sometimes, these answers take time to reveal themselves to us – through circumstances that we don’t expect to happen.

The answer to my prayer was revealed today. God has finally given me the answer to my prayers. All I needed to do with His answer was to act on it – have the guts to act on it. One phrase repeatedly popped in my mind today: “Have courage.” I believe that was God’s voice telling me to do what I have to do, that I am one step closer towards His will.

I admit I am kinda weak when it comes to taking risks but today was a different thing. I need to do something, I need to act on it. And voila! I did it today. It was with a heavy heart imagining how it would affect other people. However, for the longest time I have always considered others, I must now do something for myself. If not now, then when? And with what I did, I have felt a really great peace of mind. And it was something I haven’t felt for the past few years.

I believe I am taking a leap of faith… and if it’s God’s will, I know I am taking the right direction. He revealed it to me today and I will do what He wants me to do. All glory is always His.

Carpe diem,

Midnight Thoughts 01

Lately, I have been trying to figure out whether what I am doing with my life is all worthwhile or has it been quite well enough for me to be happy.

I realized I am dwelling so much in my comfort zone (for too long). I have always reasoned my introversion out just to keep myself from the awkwardness of adjusting to a totally different kind of situation. As much as I try to set myself to change my ways, I seem to hold back. Something just holds me back. And I honestly don’t know what it is.

I knew then that I needed some time off… from all of these. I wanna try something else, something new. Maybe traveling alone could help or meeting new friends, new things to do, new environment… Just all things new. I have always known that I’ve been wanting these things but whenever I try to, I seem to have this enemy in me that draws me out of it. And this mere awareness wasn’t enough help.

So, well, I am trying to figure myself out. Just like how I prayed I would. I know God will eventually show me His ways.

Carpe diem, Jhen

Goodreads (Review)

I recently got back active online and part of it was retrieving all my social media accounts. One social media site I was so excited to retrieve was Goodreads.


I had my Goodreads account back in 2012 but I did not update it that much. Until recently, I decided to clean up all the shelves I had (because some of the books I recorded there were either half-done reading or a quarter done at all). If you happen to drop by my Goodreads book shelves, you will see how only a few are left. Those are the only few books I legitimately finished reading. I know, I know, I need (and want) to read more.

Here’s what I love about Goodreads:

Goodreads is a free website for book lovers. Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone’s bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews and catalog what you have read, are currently reading, and plan to read in the future.

I simply took the above statements from their page. 🙂 Being a book lover, Goodreads helps me to keep track of my reading – (I am currently reading Paper Towns by John Green and I am stuck at 27% (haha!) as well as discover new books that are in line of my interests. I can also rate the books I’ve read from 1 star to 5 stars and I can write my reviews (with an option to hide or show the entire review especially if it has spoilers!). Moreover, I can interact with other readers and even the authors of books.

It also gave an avenue for underrated writers and authors who are yet to share their creative stories and novels to the world. It is an inspiration for me as I dream that someday, I will be one of the featured authors of future best-selling books. *fingers crossed*

If you love reading books and don’t have a Goodreads account yet, try it out now by clicking here! I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

Carpe diem,

On Positive and Better Changes

Lately, I have been reading and following some articles online that inspired me to become a better version of myself — in all aspects of my life. I realized how important it is to notice my own self and actually do something worthwhile to “improve myself for myself.”

So you see, I am not really an expert on anything and I am not really good at giving advice or tips about everything. As a disclaimer, everything I am going to share to you is solely based on my own experiences.


While evaluating myself, I discovered that I have five important aspects in life to improve (in case we are on the same stand, I hope these help!):

Spiritual Life

I am very blessed to have grown up in a family where Jesus Christ has always been the center of everything. My parents have always demonstrated this love for God and His word and how important they are in everything that I do in life and that involves my choices and decisions. I am so grateful to be saved by Jesus Christ, my Lord and Personal Saviour, for saving a sinner like me from my sins, for giving up His life on the cross, and for giving me the promise of eternal life. My salvation is very important to me and as much as I can, I want to spread this gospel to others so they can experience God in their lives. I know in my little ways, giving the most available time I have in sharing the gospel is something big for God’s glory. I believe I must improve on this – winning souls. And aside from that, I need to be diligent in attending church activities, my bible reading and devotionals, as well as my prayer life. I firmly believe that I can do and achieve these because God has promised us that with Him, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Health and Lifestyle

For the record, I am not a health buff nor a fashionista nor a beauty conscious individual. I often reject the idea of being too conscious of how I look like and how other people see me on the outside because I personally believe that what always matters is what is in the inside. However, I changed that perspective because it is equally important to pay (at least) some attention to how you look outside as a reflection of what’s inside – unless you want to look like you haven’t taken care of yourself for the past 23 years.

I am not the typical “hey, she has a great body” type of person and I am definitely not a girl who makes guys turn their heads twice because I possess a beauty of an angel or a porcelain doll. I don’t like make up until I realized how I need to at least put something on my face so I won’t look like a zombie. Moreover, my body type (I don’t call it fat) is on the chubby side. I am fluffy – that’s how I always describe myself. It didn’t really matter to me if I am thin or chubby. But lately, I realized that I must now focus on my health especially in my food intake and the need to exercise. I am not getting any younger!